Wife uncomfortable with her husbands friends unusual last request.

It’s hard to say no to someone’s dying wish, but one woman’s husband is having a tough time fulfilling the last request of his dying friend, and she doesn’t seem to understand why. An unnamed woman has written into Dear Annie sharing that several years ago, when she and her husband “Robert” moved back to his hometown, he reconnected with an old high school acquaintance “Tim.”

She and her husband and Tim and his partner struck up a friendship over the years and have become friends. Well, sadly, “Tim” was recently diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer, and “Robert” has been helping him get his things in order and has even stayed with him, but things have taken an uncomfortable turn. “Tim” recently confided in “Robert” that when they were younger he was “infatuated” with him and told “Robert,” that his “dying wish is to see him naked.”

“Robert” isn't exactly comfortable with the request, even though his wife seems to be, telling her hubby, “Let him enjoy his ending days - even if it means you have to 'strip' for him." I'm perfectly fine with it.”

Well, Annie basically advises the wife to stay out of it. She notes “it is his body – not yours, not Tim’s,” so only he gets to say if he’s “comfortable” with it, and he apparently isn’t. “Now let it be,” she adds. “Surely, Tim can think of another last wish that doesn’t involve making a friend feel violated and uncomfortable.”

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