Woman eating sandwich discovers it has slug infested with rat lungworm!

What started out as a gross lunch could turn into a serious medical problem.

Chaunda Rodrigues posted on Facebook that she bit into a slug that was inside a sandwich she purchased from a local deli in Hawaii. She was unaware that the slug until she had eaten half the sandwich! One of the bites had somethind weird in and she spit it out. That's when she noticed a slug inside!  

A lab did a test on the slug and the results indicated that it was positive for rat lungworm, a parasite that can infect humans if ingested. 

She called a hospital and the doctor told her that there is nothing she could do to prevent herself from getting rat lungworm now and that she would need to wait until she experienced symptoms before they could do a spinal tap and confirm she has the parasite. 

She also says that she's not the only person to complain about these slugs in sandwiches from this deli and hopes local officials will do something about it before anyone else bites into one. 

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