Do you suffer with "Sunday Scaries"? Most Americans do.

88% of people admit to having the “Sunday Scaries” meaning they feel anxiety on Sunday when thinking about going to work on Monday. The median time for the “Sunday scaries” to hit people is 3:58 pm on Sunday afternoon.

And American's are taking the work home now more than ever before. The poll notes:

  • It takes the average respondent two hours to unwind after work on Friday.
  • The average person does a little more than three hours of work over the weekend and thinks about work an average of six times.
  • In addition to office work, folks spend three and a half-hours doing “life admin” including chores (48%), errands (46%) and budgeting (46%).
  • The result is that 72% of people feel like their weekend isn’t long enough for them to get everything done.

What are folks doing to fight the “Sunday scaries?” Well the top thing is to make sure they find time for themselves over the weekend (44%). Other things they do include:

  • Make sure to get a full night’s rest on Friday and Saturday (42%)
  • Use the end of the day Friday to get organized for Monday (35%)
  • Use the weekend to get ahead of what I need to do during the week (34%)
  • Take a “digital detox” for part of the weekend (21%) 

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