Students surprises janitor with gift and then he shocks them back!

Attleboro High School senior Jack Sweeney asked the school’s beloved janitor what he wanted for Christmas.Tony Coelho told the teen his work boots were worn out and he could use a new pair.

So Jack took to social media and more than a dozen of his classmates pitched in to buy a new pair of Timberland boots! Jack says “These kids are the best"!

Coelho was grateful for the gift and thanked the kids. But then he paid the act of kindness forward and donated the boots to a charity that helps students in need. He said "there are dozens of kids, even in this school, who could use the boots who weren't old enough to work yet. They're real victims of poverty. I'm doing fine and can save up for a new pair".

Jack appreciated Tony's move. “I think that if everyone did little things to help out their community and help out the people who need it the most, we could make a huge difference in this world"!

Principal Bill Runey ignored the claims. “What Jack and his classmates did is the personification of what ‘Blue Pride’ is here at Attleboro High School. We’re talking about young kids here who did a good deed, and then an adult who has respect for those kids who decided to pay it forward. If we all behaved like these folks America would have no problems to speak of.

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