Man shocked after losing thousands in parking lot when it's returned

A Louisiana man was doing some last-minute shopping on Christmas Eve when he dropped his wallet in the parking lot of the Walmart in Metairie. To make it worse, he had just gotten paid, so it was filled with thousands of dollars.

The unnamed man’s father is Gerald Fleming. He says his son hadn't realized he had dropped it and only became aware when he pulled up to a car wash. He rushed back to the store and was shocked to find someone had returned it to the ! A customer service clerk told him an elderly woman brought it back - and it still had the $2,500 inside. He tried to find the woman to thank her, but had no luck. Gerald said "We had just gotten paid. That was his pay period, along with money that he saved, you know what I'm saying? So of course, man. He said himself, he said man, had I lost it, I would've cried. The entire holidays I'd be crying."

A shopper named Fateshia Fredericks said "That's a blessing. Could've easily turned the other way, but God is good, and God has blessed that man to be able to get his money back. So that's a true blessing!"

Other people told Gerald of stories of people returning lost valuables.

“I think it’s something that needs to be expressed and show that there’s still good people out here in this world. I know I feel better about my fellow man after hearing these stories and I suspect a lot of us would be a lot better off if we heard more stories like this than the crap the news loves to report.” Fleming says.

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