Double-Amputee Vet Skydives On His 90th Birthday

f you make to your 90th birthday, how would you want to celebrate? For Stan Rohrer, it wasn’t with a cake and balloons, it was by skydiving for the first time.

The Air Force veteran jumped 13,000 feet from an airplane over southern California’s Lake Elsinore and he had a blast. Stan lost both of his legs in his 80s, but he still has his sense of adventure and lots of energy. He bikes, plays wheelchair tennis, kayaks and has modified his truck so he can drive pretty much anywhere by himself.

"When you're hanging out with people that are 40, 50 years younger than you are, you've got to put forth a little bit of effort, extra effort. That's one of the keys to enjoying life is putting out energy! It's like God wants to see you use it and then he blesses you with more! I love it!"

Stan says the skydiving experience tops his list of the craziest things he’s done in his life, but adds that he’d like to do it again!

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