Woman considers revenge for friend marrying her ex.

Going to your ex’s wedding can be pretty awkward, which is why most people don’t, but one woman has been forced to deal with the situation because her ex is marrying one of her friends, and things have gone from awkward to downright petty.

The woman shared on Reddit that she’s debating whether to attend the wedding at all, but is considering going with the bride’s ex-boyfriend, who is also invited, in order to cause drama at the wedding. The main reason she’s out for such revenge is because not only was she kicked out of the wedding party because she felt “uncomfortable” wearing the “very revealing bridesmaid's gown,” the bride then told her she could still come to the wedding as long as she followed “a very specific set of rules” on things like what she could wear and who she could speak to, and even told her she couldn't hit the dance floor.  

Now the woman is out to get some petty revenge, especially after she found out the bride’s ex had a similar thing happen to him, and was given a specific set of rules as well. They are thinking about going together and breaking as many rules as possible.

  • The women says both she and the bride’s ex are “both at the point where we're both ready to sever ties with the bride and groom,” and many folks on Reddit think they should do that rather than try and ruin the couple’s big day.
  • “Violating their rules might sound like transgressive fun, but I think it's more likely to make you both look petty and vindictive to other guests,” one person noted, “and I feel like it's probably ultimately going to leave you feeling [bad] too.”
  • Another person added, “Even though it might look funny, revenge never plays out as we think it will,” while someone else commented, “Don’t go. Spend your time, money and happiness doing something you actually enjoy. Revenge is a waste of time.”
  • But not everyone was against the woman’s plan for revenge. “I say go for it. Of course, I'm more petty and drama-seeking than the average person, but then again thinking of this plan means you are too,” one said, while another added, “Go with him! Have fun… Enjoy yourself and then cut ties.”

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