Mrs Clause Gives Birth To Baby on Christmas.

Amanda Clause gave birth to Lorenzo Luciano Clause on December 25th, to the delight of nurses in the maternity ward at UPMC Horizon in Farrell, Pennsylvania.

The hospital says one of the nurses even thought it was a holiday prank when she saw the name Clause on the board and other staff joked that they hoped the baby waited until midnight Christmas Eve to arrive, so he would be born on Christmas, and that’s exactly what happened.

Baby Lorenzo arrived eight days early, at 7 lbs 11 ounces so they didn’t plan his Christmas birthday, but he did wear a Santa hat soon after he was born. Dad Randy Clause says, “He truly is a Christmas miracle and the best gift we will ever receive. and we hope that it brought people joy to hear our story.".

I guess Lorenzo will get the nickname Santa at some point!

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