The Hottest Toy This Christmas is Called The Fart Launcher

Every Christmas there is that one must-have toy that kids of all ages want. This year's "must-have" toy really stinks.

The Buttheads Fart Launcher 3000 is a Nerf gun-like gadget that shoots farts instead of darts and it is topping off kids’ wish lists this year. In fact, stores are running out all over the country. 

According to its product description, the flatulent firearm, developed by WowWee, can spread stench up to 10 feet across a room and is “best used in well-ventilated areas or outdoors.”

It’s intended for kids ages 5 and up, comes with a cartridge capable of “100-plus” blasts and is “silent but deadly,” allowing users to sneak up on their victims.

On Monday, the $20 toy sold out on and toy reps say that sales are also “off to a hot start” on, where it’s currently on sale for $17, and at

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