Study reveals how many days per year we wake up in a bad mood asked Americans about their sleep habits and it turns out we wake up in a bad mood 300 days out of the year on average. Disrupted sleep is the root cause.

The study goes on to dig into much more, including how we feel about sleeping next to our partners, pets, and how the bedroom environment affects our slumber.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Outside noise, temperature, and odd dreams are the root cause of us waking grumpy
  • On average, we lie awake for 90 minutes in the middle of the night
  • 72-percent report needing more or better sleep
  • Despite being disturbed by partners, 67-percent still want to sleep next to them
  • Regular sex helps 42-percent get better sleep
  • 60-percent let their pets sleep with them
  • Only 23-percent let their kids sleep with them
  • Dealing with emails in bed before sleep had the most negative impact
  • Watching TV, on the other hand, has a positive impact

Sleep expert Crady Weiss notes “Consistencies at bedtime, understanding your ideal sleep environment and prioritizing sleep and wellness will help you develop a healthy sleep routine.”

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