Study reveals how charitable Americans are.

With Giving Tuesday upon us, a poll shows just how charitable Americans really are. Turns out, we are do-gooders that average five acts of kindness a month!

Non profit group Vitamin Angels got One Poll to find out how kind we are. The results should make us feel better about the state of our world.Here are the good deeds we often carry out:

  • Give directions. 66-percent
  • Open the door for strangers. 65-percent
  • Pay for a stranger’s meal. 53-percent
  • Carry groceries home. 55-percent
  • Pick up litter or garbage. 53-percent
  • Give change to a panhandler. 47-percent
  • After receiving a good deed, 80-percent of us pay it forward
  • Americans average $41.39 in donations monthly

When it comes to charitable donations, children's causes are top of the list, followed by charities that help women, the environment and then animals. Just remember to do your research before giving money. You can start right here at the South Carolina Secretary of State Charity Search.

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