Putting the Fun In Funeral Is A Hot Trend

The days of sobbing and crying at funerals may be over thanks to one woman. Kyle Tevlin is one of the trendsetters helping people put together a celebration funeral, thanks to her siteI Want A Fun Funeral.

You can attend one of her workshops on how to plan your own “going away party,” plan it yourself, or use a consultant. Either way, Tevlin says the idea is to bring out your personality and make it a party.

As you might recall,Aretha Franklin had a glorious eight-hour affair with wardrobe changes during the time she way lying in state, so why can’t we go all out with a bang? Tevlin says the movement was borne out of people saying “I don’t want people crying at my funeral.”

Keep this in mind: half of people asked in a recent survey said they would attend an unconventional funeral. These days our remains can be made into jewelry, vinyl records, made into biodegradable pots for planting trees… So they sky’s the limit for our send off!

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