Half Of Americans Think It’s Fine To Borrow Stuff From Someone’s Bathroom

You may want to keep the stuff in your bathroom under lock and key. Made For YOU and One Poll decided to delve into bathroom habits and, well, snooping and stealing are okay. But that’s not all.

Here’s a breakdown of what the poll reveals about our bathroom habits:

  • One in two people have lied about using someone else’s toiletries, with nothing being off limits
  • Stealing from a bathroom is fine when it comes to shampoo (51-percent), moisturizer (38-percent) and face cleanser (34-percent)
  • 21-percent say borrowing a toothbrush is okay and 19-percent say a razor is also fine
  • 36-percent say borrowing a toothbrush is gross
  • 60-percent say snooping through in your host’s medicine cabinet is acceptable
  • 42-percent say they’d borrow a toiletry if one was left behind

The lesson here? Nothing is sacred in a bathroom!

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