The Least Fav Subjects For Thanksgiving Aren't Politics And Religion

While Thanksgiving is supposed to be a happy celebration with family and friends, things can easily turn sour depending on the topic of conversation at the meal, and there certainly are some topics folks would rather avoid. 

A new survey finds the subjects people would least like to discuss at the Thanksgiving table are:

  • Prior family issues
  • Your weight
  • Romantic relationships
  • Financial health

Politics came in 5th and almost half of Americans say they actually look forward to discussions about it.

  • 44% of folks say they would jump gladly jump into a political conversation during the Thanksgiving meal.
  • Both Democrats and Republicans are equally likely to join in (48%), with only 40% of Independents saying the same.
  • 26% of people say they’d actually initiate a political discussion, while 54% are unlikely to bring up politics.
  • Both Democrats and Republicans are equally likely to bring up politics at the table (31% vs. 30%), while only 19% of Independents are willing to do so.

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