Shopping Online While At Work Stats Are Kinda Surprising

According to a new Robert Half poll...

  • 52% of employees admit they are “workshoppers,” meaning they shop online at work using their office devices.
  • Half of employees say they shop an average of 60 minutes per week over the holidays
  • 20% will do it more than an hour each week.
  • 44% of workshoppers say it hinders their productivity at the office.

As for how office feels about it, this is the surprising part…

  • 52% prefer employees to not shop at the office. 48% say it's OK.
  • The top concerns of execs as to why they don't want people to shop at work, the number one reason is security risks (59%) and loss of productivity (34%)

As for who is doing the most shopping at work, this is also surprising to me.

  • Men are more likely than women to workshop (58% vs. 42%).

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