Here Are The Best Stores For Black Friday Deals

Wallet Hub analysed 8,000 deals from 30 of the biggest U.S. retailers’ 2019 Black Friday ads.

  • Overall, the site finds the average discount offered this year is about 40.4%
  • Stage stores, which has 625 department stores in 42 states, offers the best Black Friday deals with an average discount of whopping 69.8%.
  • As for the store with the worst discounts, that honor goes to Ace Hardware, where the average discount will only be 11.8%.

Top Ten Best Stores For Black Friday

(click herefor the complete list)

  1. Stage (I had never heard of this store but there are 3 in the Midlands)
  2. Belk
  3. Bealls Florida
  4. JC Penney
  5. Kohl’s

As for what items will likely have the best discounts, WalletHub notes

  • 22.8% of discounts are for apparel and accessories
  • 12.73% are for computers and phones
  • 9.02% are for appliances
  • 8.64% are for jewelry
  • 7.78% are for toys
  • 7.19% are for consumer electronics

If you're looking to buy phones or computers JC Penny's has the best deals. Penny's also has the best prices on toys and furniture! Stage has the best prices for appliances. Walmart wins in the video games, music, and movies categories. Belk's has the best prices for jewelry.

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