GQ Names a Shocking Man of The Year 2019

GQ has named their 2019 Man Of The Year...and it's Jennifer Lopez. This is the explanation given. "As a movie icon, a global pop icon, and an internet-melting fashion icon, nobody owned 2019 quite like Jennifer Lopez".

I don't feel bad that some guy was denied this award because it went to a woman. Most awards for adults are a waste of time. The most egregious of award are the ones given to celebrities. Like Seinfeld explained when he declined the Comedian Of The Year award, "The award is the work we get to do. Getting a trophy for doing my job seems silly".

My beef is GQ naming her Man Of The Year. Yes I'm old fashioned. I still see gender. If you felt like Jennifer was in need of more praise and accolades, You could have named her the GQ Icon Of The Year. Or even extended it to 3 separate awards for movie icon, pop icon, and fashion icon. You could have named her person of the year. But you can't name them something that they're not. If her husband Alex Rodriguez was named woman of the year it would rightly offend people. Perhaps they were trying to say man of the year but using man as in mankind. If that's the case, it's highly offensive that only one woman has ever been named to that list of close to 100 winners. The others this year are Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and rapper Tyler The Creator. Since they started giving this award in 1996 all the winners have been men.

I must be getting old, because I'm pining for the days of my youth when we called men men and women women. When mainstream publications and other media outlets allow for a blurring of gender lines it confuses the public. Jennifer doesn't even self identify as a man. So is GQ implying that they have to power to change our genders?

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