Vet's note asking for lunch companion receives amazing reaction

Lyndon Dale Flowers served 20 years in the Navy and is now a retired disabled vet. He goes by Dale and was looking for someone to share a meal with on Veterans Day with so he posted a note at his barbershop in Lewiston, Maine. It simply read; “Would someone like to take a local disabled veteran to dinner on Veterans Day? No car. My treat.”

Heather Jeselskis Swift posted the note on Facebook where it went viral and offers started pouring in to share a meal with this man. Sandy Washer was the one who responded first. Sandy drove 40 minutes with her family to take Flowers out for a meal.

Dale says his phone has been ringing like crazy! "I've been getting calls from all across the country, Florida to California, Virginia, North Carolina even people in Hawaii just wishing me well.”

The vet says the sweet gesture warmed his heart and reminded him “that there’s people out there that care.” Now he says he’s “already got eyes on Thanksgiving and Christmas for dinner,” and we’re pretty sure he’s not going to have any trouble finding folks that want his company for those holidays either.

The bottom line is if you are feeling lonely, let people know. There are lots of people who want to help!

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