Americans Are Tired Of Thanksgiving Dinner!

A new poll finds more and more Americans would rather see some new options at their holiday table. 

According to the poll…

  • 26% of Americans are tired of traditional Thanksgiving food and would like to see alternative food options at their holiday table.
  • 45% of Americans have already started offering alternative foods for Thanksgiving, and 43% would be open to an alternative Thanksgiving.

The poll finds that 64% of Americans would be willing to swap out the traditional turkey for Thanksgiving, with 30% already having done so. Other ways of changing up Thanksgiving include: 

  • Going out to eat instead of having a home-cooked meal (35%)
  • Traveling for the holiday/going on vacation (33%)
  • Incorporating non-traditional sides into the meal (33%)
  • Trying new spins on conventional dishes (32%)

As for the meal itself, it seems there are plenty of traditional Thanksgiving dishes that people think are highly overrated. The include:

  • Cranberry sauce (37%)
  • Sweet potatoes (27%)
  • Green beans (25%)
  • Macaroni and cheese (24%)
  • Turkey (24%)

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