Americans reveal their creative hiding spots for candy in the house.

A new survey finds:

  • 59% of Americans admit they’ve hidden candy at some point in their lives.
  • A significant other is the person most folks will hide their candy from (52%), followed by their children (51%).
  • The main reason people hide candy is because they’re worried someone will eat it before they get to enjoy it, while 40% say they hide it so they can have a moment of peace while eating it.
  • And apparently there’s good reason to hide the good stuff, with 25% of people admitting they’ve snuck a piece of candy that didn’t belong to them. 

So, where is everyone hiding their candy? Well, common locations include a high cabinet (32%), their dresser (32%) or a desk (26%), but apparently some folks have found some pretty unique spots to keep their candy under wraps. The survey asked folks some of their the most unique hiding spots, and responses include:

  • “I have a book with a hollowed-out compartment that sits on the bookshelf among the other real books.”
  • “I have hidden [candy] in the basement so I can snack when I do laundry.”
  • “In a broken game console.”
  • “The safe in my home office.”
  • “Inside a box with health food bars and behind the dish towels in the drawer.” 
  • “A box of noodles.”
  • “A coffee cup.”
  • “In a non-functional hallway light covering.”

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