9 year old says his teacher deserves a raise & then pays for one!

Nine-year-old Parker Williams.heard his parents discussing how it's a shame that the teachers in his school, Gorrie Elementary in Tampa, aren't paid enough. He started thinking about his third-grade teacher,Mary Hall Chambers, and was upset by the thought that as wonderful as she is, she might not have enough money.

In his touching note to his teacher, Parker writes, “I don’t think teachers get paid enough … so will you accept this gift?” And with that presented her a $15 “bonus” from his own birthday money.

He never told his folks that he was doing this and the only way they found out was because Ms Chambers returned the money with his not and added a note of her own.

"I can't accept this but appreciate the gesture. Parker, students like you are the reason I teach.”

His dad found it and posted a picture of it on his Facebook page

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