This celebrity has granted more wishes than any other person in history!

When it comes to celebrities working with the Make A Wish Foundation not many celebrities have made it up to 300 wishes granted. Here's a list of celebrities that have regularly granted wishes.

The WWE champ John Cena has granted more “Make-A-Wishes” than any celebrity in history with the accomplishment 600 wishes granted!

John accidentally started the streak back in 2002 when he was a WWE rookie. "It wasn’t for me, I think the person wanted to meet another superstar. But the WWE does a great job of like, ‘Hey, there’s a Make-A-Wish kid in this room. Can you come say hello?’ So, a bunch of wrestlers are shuttled in to say hello to a young fan of WWE. I took my pictures and then left. And they’re like, ‘Thank you, Make-A-Wish thanks you.’ I was like, ‘What is Make-A-Wish?’”

Since then, he’s been dedicated to “drop what he’s doing” to bring joy to children fighting critical illnesses. “If I was given one wish I don’t think ‘Hang out with John Cena’ would be at the top of my list. But the fact that that is on someone’s list is the coolest thing. So, I approach it with that attitude — like this is fantastic, let’s make this wonderful. I've learned from every single child I meet and their families, it’s incredibly rewarding. The fact that ‘Hang Out With John Cena’ is on someone’s list is the coolest thing.”

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