The Fake Boy Band From The AT&T TV Commercial Just Released First Song

We've all laughed at the AT&T commercial with the boy band that doesn't dance. Well there's been a movement on social media to get their song "Summertime Lover" released. As reported in Muse By Clio The ad agency behind the commercial is BBDO and once they realized the public was actually interested in their fake boy band song becoming a real song they had to come up with a band name. They're now known as 300 Likes. They created a backstory that the band got their name after one of their videos that they posted on Youtube in 2016 got 300 likes. That was when they knew they were on their way!

They way the song came about was BBDO needed something that sounded like a hit boy band song and they needed it fast. They turned to a guy named Nathan Walters. Here's his Facebook page. He not only wrote it but sang all of the vocals as well and delivered the mastered version to the agency within 48 hours of them contacting him! WHAT?!?!

Nathan actually recorded 90 seconds of music but BBDO only used 30 for the commercial. When Twitter started trending #SummertimeLover and #DropSummertimeLover they knew they needed to go record a full version of the song. "We've seen tweets about people making 300 Likes their group Halloween costume, tweets requesting 300 Likes as the Super Bowl halftime show, tweets where people type out the full lyrics, " says BBDO LA Creative Director Olson. "There were two different petitions requesting a full-length version of the song".

Well the boys in the band are actually all dancers. No singers. Their fake band names: K💥RY (who always spells his name with capital letters and a different emoji in place of the O), Jesse, Aiden, JJ and Cool D'von."

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