Giant Snails Have Invaded Cuba

It's like a Biblical plague! The citizens of Cuba say their country is being over run with massive snails. Giant African snails to be exact. These monster snails are wreaking havoc throughout the country and Cuban authorities are fighting back. 

While you can't hear them coming, you can certainly see their shiny, brilliantly striped shells and bodies that grow up to 8 inches long. These snails have become public enemy number one for epidemiologists and citizens have grown to fear their ability to transmit diseases and harm crops.

The fear is so real that Cuban authorities have activated the nationwide civil defense system to battle the snails. But some say that's not enough. 

Some families are choosing to keep their children indoors because of the danger of infection from the snails, which can transmit a potentially severe brain infection called meningoencephalitis and an abdominal disease known as angiostrongyliasis.

The snail has no natural predators in Cuba and eats fruits, vegetables, and even garbage, allowing it to rapidly reproduce.

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