5 year old raises 25k for Children's Hospital With Lemonade Stand

An Ohio family’s lemonade stand has raised close to $25,000 for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital after a post about it went viral.Hillary Weidner’s daughter Bea, worked the lemonade stand and raised $148 for the hospital, which treated her for a rare life-threatening pediatric liver disease in 2015.

But when the proud mom shared the story of the lemonade stand in anInstagram post, it went viral and people started donating money to Weidner’s Venmo account. What started out as a $148 donation has turned into nearly $25,000, thanks to the generosity of people from all over the country.

The money will be used at Cincinnati Children’s for liver and organ research. Want to donate? Weidner’s Venmo is @hillary-weidner.

If you want to start a lemonade stand here's how to do it?

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