Offices now offering wellness perks to keep employees.

A happy and healthy employee is definitely good for the workplace, which is why more and more companies these days are offering wellness perks to their employees. Also with the economy doing so well people have lots of options as to where they'll work.

A new poll from Robert Harris finds 63% of employers say they offer physical perks to their employees, like gym access, while 65% offer financial perks, such as retirement planning and 74% offer mental perks, like stress reduction. And some companies will go even farther, helping employees pay for them, with 51% of companies offering some sort of assistance covering physical and financial wellness programs, while 64% will help with mental wellness programs.

So, what wellness perks do employees want most? Well, access to fitness facilities and programs is the most sought after (24%), followed by ergonomic evaluations and equipment (22%) and incentives for engaging in healthy behavior (18%).

But when it comes to perks in general, the most common offered by companies include flexible work schedules or telecommuting options (47%), followed by paid parental leave (47%) and employee discounts (42%). As for the most used benefits and perks by workers, they include health insurance, retirement savings plans matching, and parking and commuting benefits.

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