Know this answer to win Carrie Underwood tickets

Be the 9th caller Wednesday morning at 803-978-WCOS (9267) when we ask you to call, know the answer to this trivia question, and you'll win 2 standing floor tickets to the Carrie Underwood concert this Sunday night at the Colonial Life Arena!

Question: The older a mother is at the time of delivery the more likely it is that the baby will have this trait?

Answer: Be left handed.

According to research analysis only 10 percent of the worlds population is left handed. Percentage of babies born to mothers in their 40's who are left handed is about 24%! In their 30's it's about 15 %. Now that you now the answer be ready to call at about 8:08 Wednesday morning for your shot at 2 floor tickets to see Carrie this Sunday night!

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