Woman hospitalized after washing hair with pesticide

A song made famous in the play South Pacific is "I'm Going To Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair". That led to a famous Clairol commercial in the 80's "I'm going to wash that grey right out of my hair". You can see that below. But a woman in China is in the hospital today after announcing to family members that she was going to wash the fleas right out of her hair. Global Times reports that The resident of Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, surnamed Li, saw a video of people killing fleas by using a farm chemical, so she decided to kill the fleas in her hair with it.

She wrapped her hair in a towel for twenty minutes with the chemical before washing it off to strengthen the effect.

However, she was taken to the hospital after she began to sweat and was not able to breathe. There, she was diagnosed with severe poisoning and all off her hair was shaved off. The woman is now in an intensive care unit where she is receiving more treatment.

In case you didn’t know, pesticides can be absorbed into the skin, making them fairly lethal.

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