The average American waste an unbelievable amount of food!

A lot of us go grocery shopping with the best intentions of eating everything we buy, but it turns out most Americans wind up throwing out a lot of the food they buy each week. According to a new report, the average American throws out 103 pounds of spoiled food from their fridge each year, which is 6,180 pounds over their lifetime. 

And all this waste is costing folks a lot of money. The survey notes the average American will throw out four spoiled items each week, which translates to about $53.81 or $2,798 a year. And it’s not just a money issue, with 73% of Americans saying they feel bad wasting food. 

So, what are the most common food people trash? Well, a lot of produce makes the list, with bananas the most likely to be tossed (55%).Other commonly wasted food include:

  • Strawberries (50%)
  • Apples (47%)
  • Bread (46%)
  • Milk (46%)
  • Blueberries (45%)
  • Leafy greens (44%)
  • Potatoes (43%)
  • Meat (43%)
  • Yogurt (42%)

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