Storm Area 51 event begins today

Millions of people responded to a “Storm Area 51” Facebook post weeks ago. They can't stop all of us was the theory. Eventually organizers announced that they were cancelling that event. Cancelled, schmanceled…thousands of people have began turning up in Rachel, Nevada for the sort of cancelled “Storm Area 51-turned-Alienstock” event. Here's a live stream of the event.

It's now become a concert/education event. And while local residents have been clear that they’re not interested in their earthling visitors,officials say they’re ready for whatever comes. “We are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best,” says Lincoln County Emergency Manager Eric Holt. “If we don’t get the numbers for what we’re prepared for we can send some of the resource home. If we need it we can have it.”

The Air Force has issued stern warnings for people not to try to enter the Nevada Test and Training Range, where Area 51 is located.

“It’s public land,” the sheriff said. “They’re allowed to go to the gate, as long as they don’t cross the boundary.”

As for the music, electronic dance music DJ and recording artist Paul Oakenfold is tonight's headliner but there will be dozens of bands and UFO speakers according to the site where you buy tickets at $51 a piece

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