Autistic grocery bagger becomes crime fighter.

26 year old Juwone Scott Jr. is one of the 3.5 million Americans on the Autism spectrum. His mother is very proud of his work ethic which has helped him to compete as a Special Olympics athlete and to secure a position at Brookshire’s Food and Pharmacy in Shreveport, Louisiana. Juwone is a friendly guy who enjoys chatting with customers as he bags their groceries. He had just finished bagging Crystal Cray’s groceries when a man snatched her purse and ran off. Juwone was shocked but lept into action! He chased the thief down and and got into a fight where he suffered minor injuries after punched and kicked by the thug. He did however also get the purse back for her!

Crystal wants to make sure everyone knows "Juwone is a real hero!" Cray wrote on her Facebook page. "I’m so very blessed by this awesome guy and so is the community!" She posted a selfie with him here

He told a Shreveport Police Officer he would have caught the guy faster but his sneaker was falling apart so a group of officers pitched in and bought him a new pair. His mom posted pics here.

And if you want to see the guy who robbed the purse and punched and kicked Juwone his mugshot is posted here.

Despite suffering some injuries when his mom asked him if he wanted to take a day or two off to recover he would have none of it!! Juwone said he wanted to get back to the store as soon as possible because the customers need him. Yes they do Juwone!

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