A shocking percentage of American's don't wash clothes between workouts

Unless you are just going through the motions at the gym, a workout session is likely to cause you to get pretty sweaty and gross, and those gym clothes you’ve worn will probably head right to the laundry. But it turns out there are a lot of people who have no problem wearing those gym clothes again.

A new survey finds that 31% of gym-going Americans don’t actually wash their gym clothes between workouts, with men more likely than women to re-use their dirty sweaty clothes (36% vs. 25%).

And it seems what type of workout you do may influence whether you think your clothes need a post-workout wash. Apparently those who do Yoga are the least likely to wash gym clothes between sessions, with 35% saying they don’t,followed by:

  • Swimmers – 33%
  • Sports Activities (i.e. basketball, racquetball, etc.) – 32%
  • Group Fitness – 32%
  • Weightlifting – 30%
  • Cardio – 29%

Age also plays a role in whether you clean your clothes between workouts, with those 25 to 34 least likely to do so (37%),followed by those:

  • 65+ - 34%
  • 35-44 – 32%
  • 18-24 – 31%
  • 45-54 – 27%
  • 55-64 – 25%

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