112 year old White Sox fan finally gets to see first game in person

Last month we shared the story of a lady who celebrated her 99th birthday by going to her first Pirates game. Perhaps inspired by that CP Crawford who is a lifelong Chicago White Sox fan, celebrated his 112th birthday party attending his first White Sox game. CP moved from Jackson Mississippi to Chicago when he was 7...in 1914. In fact CP is almost as old as the White Sox who were "born" in 1901.

Andrew Holmes, the executive director of Club 100, a nonprofit that celebrates those 100 years and older, heard that Crawford had never seen his team play in person and made it his mission to get him to a game.

Holmes kept it all a secret, even during the limo ride to the stadium. Once they arrived, the White Sox organization treated Crawford to time on the field before the game and White Sox legend Harold Baines gave him a custom jersey with the number 112 embroidered on it. He watched the game from club-level seats while he sipped his favorite soda, Orange Crush, and a fan even passed him a foul ball that landed nearby.

Even though the Sox lost to the Kansas City Royals, the birthday boy enjoyed his first game. “I've been around and I have met some wonderful people," Crawford says. "I'm happy to be here. It sure would be great to come back next year".

CP was in the news back in 2015 when the high school he had to drop out f to take care of his siblings after his dad died gave him an honorary degree.

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