Felicity Huffman Sentence In College Admission Scandal

The long wait is over - and now we know thatFelicity Huffmanwill spend14 days behind barsfor her part in the "Varsity Blues" college admissions scandal. With husband William H. Macy looking on, Huffman also received a $30-thousand fine, 250-hours of community service, and a year of probation. 

Prior to sentencing, Felicity gave an emotional statement to the judge where she apologized to the court, her two daughters,SophiaandGeorgia, and her husband, noting "I have inflicted more damage than I could've ever imagined." She basically said she got caught up in a series of bad decisions she wishes she could take back. And while JudgeIndira Talwaniagreed that Huffman tried to "right the ship," by not repeating the process for her other daughter.

"In terms of your moving forward and rehabilitation, move forward and rebuild your life after this," Talwani said. "You paid your dues." Huffman has been directed to self-surrender to a federal lockup October 25th.

  • In all, 15 parents, including Huffman, have pleaded guilty...while 19 others - includingLori Loughlinand hubsMossimo Giannulliare fighting the charges.
  • Meanwhile Social media exploded after Huffman’s sentence was announced. Comparing her case toTanya McDowell – a Black mother who got five years in prison for enrolling her son in a school outside her – one usersaid, “If you’re really in search of a fair shot, ask for 2,541 more days.”DL Hughleyand lots of other peoplepointed out the White privilegeof the situation. Meanwhile,John Legendhad a different take. “I get why everyone gets mad when rich person X gets a short sentence and poor person of color Y gets a long one,” he noted. “The answer isn't for X to get more; it's for both of them to get less (or even none!!!) We should level down not up.”Check out what the people said below...
  • ONE MORE THING!Now that Felicity has gotten jail time, Loughlinis said to be moredetermined than ever not to meet the same fate. According to one source, “Her only move now is to take this to court and to prove that she is not guilty of what she’s charged with.” The insider added, “She’s scared and upset, but she’s resolved to be strong and to fight this.” Since the charges against her and her husband – conspiracy, money laundering, and fraud – are more serious, she knows that jail time is in her future if she’s found guilty. They’re accused of paying $500-thousand to get their two daughters in to the University of Southern California. And since they refused to take a deal, a source notes that Loughlin she has to trust that “the courts and the prosecution will move fairly and not make an example out of her."

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