Man Spends $37,000 fighting $123 Ticket

I love it when a person just refuses to be bullied by the government. Even if it costs tens of thousands of dollars.  

A 71-year-old guy in England named Richard Keedwell was ticketed for going 35 in a 30-mile-per-hour zone back in 2016. However, he was adamant that he wasn't speeding, and was determined to fight the ticket in court.

The fine was only about $123 dollars. That was three years ago. Since that time he's spent over $37,000 fighting it. That includes around $26,000 on lawyers and the rest on court fees.

He hired experts who demonstrated that the speed camera that caught him must have been triggered by a different car in the lane next to him.

"I'm sick and tired at the whole system which is steamrolling ordinary people,"

The worst part is the $37,000 he spent was a large chunk of his son's inheritance. Richard says he's just "sick" over it and that he never expected it to drag on so long, or cost so much.

He said, "I regret the amount of money. I very simply wanted justice."

Not sure his son feels any better about it.

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