Celebs rally around boy who is helping kids in Bahamas

After watching news coverage about Hurricane Dorian destroying the Bahamas, a Florida boy wanted to do something to help. Cade Fowler, an 11-year-old from Palm Beach Gardens says he recognizes that he has a lot of advantages that others don't. His dad has a great business which allows his mom to stay home with him. They often take vacations in the Bahamas and he can see so many kids who don't have the opportunities that he has and he wants to at least give them a little hope so he created a Facebook page called Backpacks For The Bahamas and started collecting backpacks and stuffing them with things like toys but also necessities like toothbrushes for kids who have lost everything.

Cade’s Facebook group has over 2,000 members and it’s made up of a lot of kids who want to help other kids. Over the weekend, Cade loaded 175 backpacks onto his family’s boat and delivered them to West End, Bahamas, where families have gathered in shelters.

"He's my child, and I'm overwhelmed because this was his idea, and now it's coming to fruition," explains Cade’s mom,Amanda.

Cade's made a fan out of a South Carolina golf legend as well. Dustin Johnson had knee surgery last week but took to Instagram to show how he and his wife are donating 200 backpacks! Dustin is encouraging everyone who can to donate a backpack for the kids.

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