Kevin Hart May Be In Trouble As New Details From Crash Emerge

Kevin Hart underwent a successful back surgery following his devastating weekend crash. While he should be discharged by the end of the week, he’ll likely have toundergo several weeks of physical therapyto make a full recovery. 

The not-so-great news? With the 911 calls have been released, there appear to be some discrepancies from the original story. The crash reportedly happened at 12:45am on Sunday morning. But on the call that came from Kevin’s house at 2:13am, the woman – which is believed to be Kevin’s wife,Eniko Parrish– she said that the crash happened 20 minutes prior outside their gated community

But here's where it gets weird. According toTMZ,a witness the scene – who was reportedly the first to call 911 – said that Kevin’s security guard pulled him out of the driver’s side window. It's said that Kevin and his guard then got in the Escalade and left the scene. When first responders arrived,Jared Black was said to be in the driver’s seat. On top of that, earlier reports had Hart getting to his home by foot.

  • Jared was eventually able to free himself from the car, but his fiancée,Rebecca Broxterman, was stuck in the car. She didn’t suffer the major back injuries that Kevin and Jared did. The unidentified 911 caller that the car was totaled, but everyone was conscious. Later, during the call from Hart's home, he was described as "unable to move" and "incoherent."
  • ONE MORE THING! While alcohol has been ruled out as a factor in the accident, excessive speed has not. In fact, one witness has reported hearing tires peeling out moments before hearing the car smash through a fence as it flew off the road.

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