The highest paid actors ranked for 2019

It’s been a great year for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson so far. The WWE star-turned-actor has been named Hollywood’s highest-paid actor of 2019 by Forbes.

The Rock has ranked at number 15 on the overall highest-paid celebrities list. But when it comes to actors, he’s raking in the most cash – AKA $89-point-four-million. He’s beat his fellow A-listers Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr, Adam Sandler, and more.

8) Paul Rudd $41,000,000

7) Chris Evans $43,500,000

6) Adam Sandler $57,000.000

5) Bradley Cooper $57,000,000

4) Jackie Chan $58,000,000

3) Robert Downey Jr $66,000,000

2) Chris Hemsworth $76,400,000

1) The Rock Dwayne Johnson $89,400,000

By the way non of them come close to the 2 highest paid celebrities which are Taylor Swift at $185,000,000 and Kylie Jenner at $170,000,000!

Here's the list of the 100 highest paid celebrities from Forbes.

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