Video of teen saving boy from Pit Bull attack

When Grant Brown heard screams coming from his street, the Texas teen ran to help. Outside his family’s home in Conroe, the 19-year-old saw a child being attacked by a dog and didn’t hesitate to get involved.

Video footage shows the dog jumping onto six-year-old Mason Lindeman, knocking him down, but Brown ran over to distract the animal so the boy could escape. He says, “I was just focused on how I could get the dog away from the kid.”

Mason got away thanks to Brown and was taken to the hospital and treated for a head laceration, but he’s expected to be just fine. The dog left the teen with some cuts on his hands, but his quick actions may have saved that child’s life.

The dog had wandered into the neighborhood after escaping it's owners yard a mile or so away. The owner has been fined and the dog was surrendered to the county.

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