Seatmates Become A Couple After Holding Hands On Bumpy Fight

A woman from China and a man from Taiwan met on a flight and really hit it off. The man,Xu Zhewei,shared the story onFacebookand it’s as good as any romantic comedy. He writes that he was sitting in the same row as a petite woman, who asked for help getting her very big bag into the overhead bin. He was originally one seat apart from the woman,Liu Yudan,but she soon moved closer to chat and share her cherries with him.

They realized they were both traveling to Taipei and kept talking, until the plane started swaying and scared them. “I felt something and turned to look at her,” Xu said. “She seemed to feel something too.” When the turbulence hit, he took her hand and reassured her they were safe, surprised by his desire to protect her. After they landed, they stayed together and just like in the movies, they became a couple. They even changed their Facebook relationship status, so you know it’s serious.

“The two of us have clearly known each other for only a day,” Xu says, “but it’s like we’ve known each other for years.”



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