Family wouldn't stop searching for Grandmother

A grandmother in North Carolina, who hadn’t been seen for five days, was found alive in the woods near her home.Sandra Adams was reported missing by her family after they came to her apartment in Charlotte and couldn’t find her. The 69-year-old granny is known to walk around her complex, but as the search continued, they had no luck locating her.

Her family including daughter Gloria Haggins, grandson Nate Cassel, his older brother, Santonio organized search parties along with local authorities. After missing for 5 days and knowing she wasn't in any homes within miles from her apartment, or a hospital the feeling that she had somehow got lost in the woods became the predominate theory. Since crews had been calling for her and had searched a 10 mile radius with no hint of her she was feared dead.But Santonio and a friend decided on Monday they would search the dense woods behind his grandmother's building again.

Far back in the brush, Santorio and his friend did find Adams. She was lying on her stomach in a creek bed, not moving and seemingly dead.

Nate, his mother, and his little sister were driving back from talking with police investigating Adams'disappearance,when a very hysterical Santonio called on his cellphone.

"My brother just screamed, 'I found her! She's laying here dead!' He was crying. I broke down crying," Nate recounted. His mother was beside herself. Then they heard Nate's friend holler, "Hold on! I see her leg moving! She alive!"

"It's a blessing. It's a blessing, a big blessing," Cassel says. "A miracle. She's a strong lady."

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