Single dad adopts 5 special needs kids

A single father in England has recently adopted his fifth child and each of them has special needs.Ben Carpenter, 35, has been building his family over the last decade, and one-year-oldNoahis the newest addition, joining Jack, 11, eight-year-old Ruby, six-year-old Lily, and three-year-old Joseph at home.

Carpenter’s children all have complex needs, including autism and other genetic disorders, but he feels he can give them all the ideal home and isn’t discouraged by their medical difficulties. He says he had experience working with adults and kids with special needs before he decided to adopt a child with disabilities and now that he has five kids, he would still consider adding to the family if another child needed his help.

“Nine years on, I have five children and I wouldn’t change a thing,” Carpenter says. “I just love being a dad.”

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