Homeless teen wins millions in scholarships to college!

Congratulations are in order for Tupac Mosely. The Tennessee high school student recently graduated at the top of his class with millions of dollars in scholarships. 

What makes this young man’s story even more impressive is he accomplished his academic goals while homeless. According to Mosley, after his father passed away, they fell behind on their bills and ended up being evicted. Thankfully a local nonprofit, For the Kingdom, gave his family shelter and helped Mosley finish school. Despite the challenges, Mosley beat out his peers with a 4.3 GPA and he’s been accepted into more than 40 colleges. To top that off, the honor grad scored $3 million bucks in scholarships. 

During his graduation speech, Mosley thanked his family and teachers for believing in him. “I knew that I had to make them proud. I knew that their investment was worth it and just show them that – yes, everything that you poured into me was worth $3 million and counting,” he says. 

Mosley will attend Tennessee State University in the fall with plans to major in electrical engineering.

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