Lyft driver saves woman after she didn't come out for ride

A Lyft driver in Philadelphia became worried when the elderly woman she was supposed to pick up didn’t come out of her house, but she didn’t give up and leave. Her persistence helped save 86-year-old Millie Hill, who had fallen in the tub and couldn’t get back up.

Hill says "When I got ready to get out, I slipped in the tub. My feet went up, and I couldn't get out.

Hill lives alone and there was nobody around to hear her screams for help.

"I kept praying. I just kept praying that somebody would come and get me out of there,"Hill told ABC 6.

Thankfully Lyft driver Clara Simmons had come to pick up Millie. The woman’s nephew had arranged the ride after he couldn't come pick her up himself. Clara became concerned after 10 minutes of knocking on her door. Clara said she feared something was wrong and called 911. It’s a good thing she did because paramedics said had she been left without medical attention for another 30 minutes or so she probably wouldn't have survived.

Clara says it wasn't a big deal but Millie says “I would call her a hero and a lifesaver, too, because I could still be in that tub.”

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