Boy gets math help from 911 operator.

A 911 dispatcher in Indiana has shown she’s ready for any emergency, even if it’s a math meltdown. Antonia Bundy works with the Lafayette Police Department and she recently took a call from a boy who desperately needed help - with his math homework, that is.

The unnamed kid told her he “had a really bad day” and had “tons” of homework, but instead of blowing him off, she asked how she could help. “What happened at school that made you have a bad day?” Antonia asked him. In the audio recording

The Lafayette Police Department shared the audio on Twitter which we have posted below. We hear her calmly working with the boy on his fractions together. When they finished the only problem he was stuck on, he thanks her and apologizes, saying, “I’m sorry for calling you, but I really needed help.”

Luckily, Lafayette Police Sergeant Matt Gard says it had been a slow day and calls Antonia a “dedicated” worker with a big heart. And while there are better places to call for homework help, Gard says the police are trying to figure out which school the caller attends so they can connect with him through the school and “make sure he knows we appreciate him calling.”

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