Mother & daughter very grateful for random act of kindness

After a series of unfortunate events, a stranger helped a Delaware family get back home from the hospital after her daughter Mikayla had brain surgery. Amanda Fessler was driving the two hour trip from the hospital to their house when her car started smoking. She had it towed to a hotel and got a room so her little girl could recuperate.

In the morning, Fessler’s car still wouldn’t start and she was desperate to get her daughter home to recover. But someone was looking out for them and his name is Donta. He works at the hotel and offered to help, replacing the car’s serpentine belt so they could get back on the road.

Fessler shared the story on her Facebook page, thanking Donta for his assistance. “Not many people would have been so generous and rushed to help others,” she writes. He was definitely our angel that day.”



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