Columbia College Professor helps single mom student

Going to college can be a struggle – especially when trying to juggle studying, tuition, and maintaining a social life. But if you’re raising a child, too, that can really be tough.Thankfully, a professor who works at Columbia College  understood when one of her students couldn’t find a babysitter. 

Apparently the mom had a big presentation and couldn’t afford to miss class. After explaining her childcare situation to her teacher, Dr. Amanda Stefanski offered a simple solution– bring the baby to class. She even offered to hold the six-month-old so everyone could focus on his or her work. 

Dr Stefanski wrote in an email to The State; "one of my favorite teacher quotes is: 'Students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.' I have always tried to embody that.

"If even one of my students can somehow carry with her that unique aspect of teaching, then who cares if I had to stop a couple times to pick up a stuffed giraffe?"

Apparently this wasn’t the first time a student needed to bring a child to class. Columbia shared the story on their Facebook page – complete with pictures of Dr. Stefanski happily playing with little boy. The caption said,“We may be a little biased, but Columbia College is truly a special place with the best professors!”

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