3 year old saves his moms life!

A mom in Arlington, Tennessee is alive and well thanks to her quick thinking three-year-old. Ashton Cupples has diabetes and her blood sugar crashed while she was sleeping recently, so she didn’t wake up. When her son, Cohen, got up and told her good morning, like he always does, and she didn’t respond like she always does, the little boy knew something was wrong.

Since his mom has a serious medical condition, Cohen has been prepared for what to do to help her if he’s the only one with her. The toddler called his dad at work and dad called 911. He tried to bring food to his mom to raise her blood sugar, so when she came to there were doughnuts and a Mountain Dew all around her thanks to her sweet boy.

When paramedics arrived, they were able to wake Ashton and stabilize her at home and they told her that her son saved her life. “They said he was the calmest one in the room,” she says. “He knew exactly what was going on.”


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