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Dad Doesn't Want To Worry His Daughter. She Didn't Listen And Saved Him

Bren Wilson was trying to plow a path down a road near his home in Gilpin County CO Thursday after 5 feet of snow fell when his tractor got stuck.

Daughter Kyla called her dad shortly after he got stuck.. She explains "He sounded different. He told me he was fine and just working on a project and would get back to me soon, but he just sounded exhausted and perhaps a tad of panic in his voice, which is just completely not like him.”

Kyla demanded to know the project. Dad tried to assure her several times but she wanted to know exactly what was happening. He explained he was plowing the road when his plow became stuck. There was no way back at this point so he was attempting to dig a snow fort to shelter in place for the night as it would be much warmer than a truck stuck in sub zero temps.

She called 911 and out went the rescue team. It was so bad that their snowmobiles got stuck! They had send the rescue in on ski's

They got Bren brought to a local hospital. He was treated for hypothermia and he was released on Friday.

Kyla says ‘I don't think there's ever going to be a way for me to repay that debt to all of those people who worked so hard all night to get to him." She is now raising money to help pay for her dad's medical expenses and to support the Alpine Rescue Team.


Photo: HARALD SCHNEIDER / AFP / Getty Images

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