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America Has A New Favorite Snack

Monday is National Snack Day. Hubscore has released a report ranking Americans favorite snacks.

Doritos lead in 16 states and dominates every state in the South except Louisiana.

Doritos has been the #1 snack food for the past several years for the entire country but there's a new #1

Rice Krispies Treats are the most popular in the country and the favorite in 18 states!

In 3rd is Cheetos and they claim the top spot in eight states and reign supreme in the Southwest.

4th is Fritos and they lead the pack in Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

5th is Chex Mix and the favorite in Montana, North Dakota, and Hawaii.

A shocker out of NJ where the #1 snack is a cereal. Cheerios!

Female coworkers taking food out of vending machine

Photo: RicardoImagen / E+ / Getty Images

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